Programs Offered

Our Approach

We believe preschool education should give as much exposure as possible to the child in all areas of development. Appropriate stimulus is the key to early learning. Hence, the activities have been designed keeping the child in mind and ensuring there is “directional” play all the time. It would involve:

  • Individual learning with materials
  • Small group activities in art, language and gross motor skills
  • Learning through a thematic approach
  • Occasional support learning through role plays, presentations, story telling
  • Reading
  • Field trips
  • Project based learning for older children
  • Cultural celebrations

We believe the child’s home environment plays a very important role in early learning and shaping the child’s personality. Keeping the importance of partnership between school and parents, we will have several parent feedback sessions and guidelines that can be followed in the house to ensure that the school and home together foster the child’s development.


Age group: 1.5 years to 2.10 years
Timing: 9 am -12.30 pm Monday - Friday


Age group: 2.10 years- 4 years
Timing: 9 am - 12.30 pm Monday - Friday

Lower KG

Age Group 3.10 years to 5 years
Timing: 9 am -1 pm Monday - Friday

Upper KG

Age Group 4.10 years to 6 Year
Timing: 9 am - 1 pm Monday - Friday


Our day care facilities are open to children from our school as well as others. Lunch/Snack should be sent with the child or dropped off any time before 1 pm Afternoon. If any medicines are prescribed or child is allergic to anything, the school should be informed about the same. The child is free to use the activity center or read books from the library. There are many activities that the child can access in the day care center. A Day care teacher and help supervises the day care center at all times.

Timing : 12.30 PM to 6.30 PM
Monday to Friday

After School Activity Club

Our After school Activity club offers different programs like taekwondo, Free Style dance, Art and Craft, Yoga, Bharatnatyam Dance etc. Interested kids can enrolll in these activities and be benefited.

Timing : 12.30 PM to 6.30 PM
Monday to Friday

Transport Facility

Transport is available for pick and drop of the children within the radius of 5 kms area.

Timing : 12.30 PM to 6.30 PM
Monday to Friday